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Bananas for Dogs?

by admin on January 23, 2014

Bananas are an extremely healthy food for humans to eat, but it’s important to know about the benefits of giving your dog bananas too.

bananasAside from the vitamin B6, soluble fiber, vitamin C, manganese and potassium you get from eating bananas, they are also very tasty!

For those of us who love our canine companions, we are always on the lookout for more intake of quality & nutritional foods improving their diets.

What & when to give them snacks & treats are also high on our lists of how to improve and maintain our dogs’ health.

Should Dogs Eat Bananas?

Bananas are a good addition to their diet, as well as providing high quality dog food, dietary vitamin & mineral supplements, and certain unprocessed fruits & vegetables can go a long way toward achieving this goal.

One of the most nutritious foods on our planet is bananas. Bananas are high in vitamins & minerals, helping to maintain healthy bodies, maintaining overall good health & keeping their bowels in good condition.

For dogs with digestive problems, bananas will soothe the intestinal tract & lower the occurrence of frequent spasms in the intestinal area, eaten in moderation. Bananas will assist in keeping your dog regular in its habits & eliminating painful bowel movements.

A banana for a large dog 3 times a week is plenty, and smaller pieces for smaller dogs is more appropriate, respectively.

As with other suitable, unprocessed fruits & vegetables, bananas are a good treat when given in small amounts. For a large breed of dog, 1 banana 2 – 3 times a week is reasonable, and for standard breeds, 3/4 of a banana. For small breeds, 1/2 banana, and for toy breeds, 1/4 banana 2 or 3 times a week will suffice.

Check every fruit or vegetable before giving it to your dog. Certain fruits like grapes, figs, raisins & avocados, are detrimental to your dog’s health.

However, there are a number of fruits like apples, pears, citrus, berries & melons, plus vegetables like carrots, broccoli, celery, lettuce, green beans, pumpkin & squash…and more.

Feeding Tips:

  • Peel bananas before feeding them to your dog.
  • Be sure not to feed dogs anything other than the inner fruit of citrus. The remainder of the tree can make them sick.

Many dogs are finicky, but when we’ve raised a dog on these healthy treats, they are excited when they realize you’re preparing something for them.

When you have your own banana for your own health, share it with your furry friend. Dogs just love their bananas!


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If you’re looking for a veterinarian, and you’re in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, you have a great option in http://www.horizonanimalhospital.com.

Horizon Animal HospitalDr. Beth Hareski has practiced veterinary medicine for 36 years in the area, owns and operates Horizon Animal Hospital.

The latest in veterinary technology is applied at this AAHA Accredited facility with digital radiography, color ultrasound and surgical lasers, high quality care is given.

Only 17% of all small animal practices in the United States and Canada achieve accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association.  AAHA accreditation recognizes our hospital’s commitment to meeting the highest quality standards of care for you and your pets.

They are one of the only hospitals in the Phoenix-metro area to offer the benefits of laser surgery for animals.

Their Mission:

It is their goal to provide pet parents with good information about each medical option.  An effective plan for your beloved pet will be put into effect in that is of the highest quality, and most cost-effective treatment possible.

Ultrasound, digital x-rays and dentistry are also available at this location, not to mention prescription diet consideration, and the ability to purchase retail pet food and supplies.

Horizon Animal HospitalGoing away? No problem…Horizon also accommodates pets for boarding. You can see a bit of the outdoor facility in the photo here on the left.

There are 78 dog kennels with 46 runs, and

There are 24 cat kennels with 4 cat condos available in a separate facility from the dogs entirely.

Don’t worry…they’re all indoor & climate controlled.

What’s great about their facility is it’s stainless steel & glass, with them high pressure washing the cages daily, reducing chances of contamination from pet to pet.

From spaying & neutering, to tummy upsets, wound care, shots & boosters, to general check ups, this veterinary clinic has all you need for canine & feline needs.

Be sure to check out their online registration, their “Pet Portal” to log your pet’s health, and new pet owner’s guide.

If you need a veterinarian in the Scottsdale area, be sure to check out Horizon Animal Hospital.


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It’s Important to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

by admin on September 12, 2013

Dog Paw PrintIn thinking about caring for a beloved dog, many people forget about trimming the nails. Yet keeping your dog’s toenails trimmed is an essential part of dog care, and trimming should be done at least once a month.

If your dog’s nails can be heard on the floor when he walks, or if he’s beginning to limp, that means it’s time to trim.

A dog’s walk can be drastically affected by its nails, since dogs walk and run on their toes. This is a stark difference from humans, since our nails are not used for walking or providing balance.

If you’re in doubt about how often to trim the nails or how short they should be, keep these two principles in mind. The nails should not protrude over the pads of the dog’s paws, and they should not touch the ground.

When the nail is too long, walking can become awkward and even painful. Long nails can also contribute to hip and back problems, splayed or deformed feet, punctures that open the skin to infections, and bone trouble. Long nails can also begin to split or bleed into the pad of the foot. This will cause the dog to walk slowly, limp, or not walk at all.
There are two ways to trim nails: with a standard toenail clipper or with a dremel.

A standard clipper works well, as long as the person is careful not to take too much off. If the clipper cuts to the quick of the nail, it damages the tender vein that runs through the nail. This will cause even more pain for the dog, along with some light bleeding.

On the other hand, the dremel is a gentle sander that can round the edges of a nail without cutting to the quick. In light-colored nails, the quick is easy to see. If your dog has dark or black nails, you may want to use the dremel simple to avoid hitting the vein.

Of course, regular trimming should be part of your dog care since puppyhood. Yet, if you adopted the dog when it was older, there may be an adjustment period as the dog becomes accustomed to the monthly routine. Dogs can often be frightened simply because they don’t know what to expect.

Trusting the process to a professional at your local animal shelter or veterinarian may be the best choice simply because that person is skilled at calming down animals in distress. If you opt to trim the nails at home, make sure to involve someone whom the dog trusts, and reward his good behavior with a treat afterward.

Many dogs, especially younger ones, will wear their nails down simply by playing. Inactive or older dogs, though, will prefer to walk on grass or other soft surfaces, and their nails will not be worn down naturally.

Check your dog’s nails periodically until you have a sense of how quickly they grow. No matter what your pet’s breed, lifestyle, and health history are, nail trimming should be a regular part of his dog care.


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All Points Carpet Cleaning Covered

by admin on July 5, 2013

All Points Carpet Care, Los Angeles - AllPointsCarpetCare.comI’m not sure about my fellow terrier lovers out there, but I am diligent in cleaning my carpets in my home where my dogs frequent.

Not only am I vacuuming, but I’m deep cleaning with a rug shampooer to ensure there are no pet odors in our home.

I must say, it’s a lot of work, and you never quite get the results that carpet cleaning companies like All Points Carpet Care achieve when using their professional equipment.

Miniature Schnauzer - TerrierLover.comSure, you can rent one of those clunky contraptions from your grocery store, and pay for the cleaners you will need. By that time, you’re lugging it around back & forth to the store, and experiencing some real work when you arrive home to begin your carpet cleaning adventures.

Upon ripping up some carpet in our home to begin tiling, I noticed even the smallest of spots our pooches may have had an accident in their younger months/years, despite using a carpet shampooer regularly we own, and vacuuming diligently, spot cleaning for sure…

All Points Carpet Care provides not only carpet cleaning services, but upholstery, mattress & tile cleaning, as well as pet odor removal, allergy relief, and carpet & upholstery protection.

All of the services listed are often important in the lives of pet owners. Accidents happen, and that’s a fact. Now, let’s clean it up.

Heck, you can even take part in their referral program and earn money or free cleanings…They are progressive.

All Points Carpet Care has you Covered!


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I Love Miniature Schnauzers on Cooking with Kimberly - CookingWithKimberly.comIn one of the web chef, Kimberly Edwards’ recent cooking shows, she was caught wearing an “I Love Miniature Schnauzers” tee.

It’s true, we often see her adorable pooches walking around in the background of some of the shows with inquisitive looks and delicious smells in the air they’re following from inside the kitchen.

Other times, you may hear them playing or grumbling at each other. Either way, it gives an interesting look into cooking shows. Her shows bring in a real aspect of every day life and how to cook deliciously for your family.

Check out the show where she features a DogBreedCartoons.com Miniature Schnauzer T-Shirt:

…And this isn’t the first time Kimberly’s been spotted in some schnauzer wear in her shows. I guess it can always be fashionable loving our 4-legged children. Well, maybe not, but this is a cute shirt for sure! ;)

BTW: This recipe is killer! Save this one for sure.

Be sure to check out:

We hope you enjoy this Miniature Schnauzer fun on Terrier Lover. Until next time…

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