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Feeding Your Terrier

by Ingrid Turner on April 25, 2015

It’s important, when Feeding Your Terrier, to not only provide enough food & water, but nutritious sustenance as well.

platinum miniature schnauzer eating watermelon - terrierlover.comHaving shared my life with terriers for many years, I have gained hands on experience, learning useful lessons along the way, about what & how to feed my terriers. I am happy to be sharing some of my own experiences and ideas with you.

My terriers have lived long lives – between 18 and 23 years – so, I have obviously been doing something right. It is always best to do your own research when it comes to your own terrier, and use the information that will help you in your own particular situation to make your terrier’s life, the best that it can be.

Along with terriers being perky, inquisitive, and being in love with treats and foods in general, they are inclined to eat anything that smells yummy to them. Also, if you are eating something in their presence, they will likely want to share it with you, or if you drop food on the floor, you can be certain they will be delighted to clean it up for you. The only problem with this is that not everything we eat is good for your terrier, and terriers do greatly love food.

Terriers are usually motivated to please you in order to get some of the food you happen to be consuming. It is very tempting to share food with your beloved terrier because they have a way of making you feel guilty when you are eating and they are not. I must confess that sometimes this gets to me and I do give in, but this is a bad habit because you will end up with a beggar, who gives you that look every time they see you, or anyone else, eating.

Toxic Foods for Dogs:

Certain foods are toxic to your terrier, and some of those foods are:

  • avocado - cookingwithkimberly.comgrapes & raisins
  • avocado
  • chocolate
  • rotten or moldy foods
  • macadamia nuts
  • anything containing xylitol
  • garlic
  • onions
  • caffeinated drinks
  • any pits from fruits – Discard these items where your dog can’t get at them.
    • peaches - cookingwithkimberly.comapple seeds
    • pear seeds
    • cherry pits
    • peach pits
    • plum pits
  •  garbage – Botulism can be present in some garbage, and this can kill your dog.

Remember while your terrier is out for a walk or playing, make sure they are not picking up discarded food because you don’t know what is in it.

Unhealthy Foods for Dogs:

Your terrier might be allergic to certain foods and while not toxic, they can be unhealthy for your dog, and are best avoided, some of them are:

  • milk - statesymbolsusa.orgfoods high in fat, sugar & salt – These types of foods can lead to indigestion, obesity, dehydration and imbalance of electrolytes, as well as other consequences.
  • dairy – These products can cause indigestion.
  • cooked bones & corn cobs – These foods can break up easily and can cause obstructions.
  • bread made with yeast, corn & foods high in gluten – These foods are best kept out of your terrier’s diet.
  • human junk food – These foods can lead to decreased energy and a poor general condition in your terrier, just as it does for us.

Choosing a Dog Food:

When choosing a good dog food for your terrier, be sure to check the ingredients in the food. Generally speaking, when the first ingredient listed is corn or corn flour, it’s a good policy to avoid those foods, and look for natural ingredients as an integral ingredient in the dog food. I like dry dog food as it tends to clean the teeth, as well as nourish your terrier, at the same time.

Healthy Foods:

Web Chef Review: The Colorado Barkery Gourmet Dog Treats - cookingwithkimberly.comMy particular terriers really enjoy home-baked doggie treat recipes, fruits like raw apple recipes, pears, peaches, bananas, raw vegetables such as green peppers, celery, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, broccoli. An egg, given once a week helps to keep a healthy coat. Just make sure you supplement their diet moderately – not too much of any one thing.

Exercise is a Must:

Like us, the terrier diet and sufficient exercise is important, so make a point of feeding them the best that you can afford and provide exercise time for them to keep them perky, happy and as healthy as possible.

“My Dog Ate Something Bad!”:

If you think your terrier, or any breed of dog, has ingested any food that is toxic to canines, contact your veterinarian immediately, and follow his directions for treatment.

Some signs that your terrier might have eaten something bad are:

  • phantom fringeface miniature schnauzer puppy - terrierlover.comvomiting
  • diarrhea
  • weakness
  • loss of appetite
  • dizziness (walks oddly)
  • less production of urine
  • abdominal pain
  • bloating

These signs usually present themselves some time during the 24 hours after eating the toxic food.

When feeding your terrier, do provide meals that will best nourish them, devote plenty of playtime & exercise for your terrier, and enjoy every precious day you are able to share with them – they are a gift.


Potty Training a Terrier Dog

by Ingrid Turner on April 23, 2015

phantom fringeface miniature schnauzer - terrierlover.comPotty training your terrier dog is a necessity, but can be quite frustrating if a few simple instructions aren’t followed.

One thing that every dog must learn is to do their business outside or in another designated area.

Tame Your Frustration:


This can be a very frustrating subject and you have to begin training when the terriers are very young pups, after the mommy stops cleaning up their bottoms.

Toilet training requires persistence and patience – loud scolding and smacking them with newspapers are cruel and intimidating to your terrier pup, who will start cowering when you are in his presence.

These Things Take Time:

phantom fringeface miniature schnauzer - terrierlover.comToilet training your pup requires your time, and requires your time, and requires more time. Your pup, when they are very young, should be put outdoors every half hour, leaving them out there, with your guidance for about 5 – 10 minutes, while they is awake.

Your puppy won’t go every time you put them out, but whenever they do, you need to show it to them and praise them and sometimes give up a treat. Gradually, your pooch will catch on more and more often.

Use the Same Command:

It is a good idea to take the pup to the door, say pee or outside or your choice of command word, so they know when you use that word, they are going out to pee. Otherwise, they will not know whether to distinguish between toilet, play, or walk.

Accidents Do Happen:

West Highland White Terrier - terrierlover.comYour pup is bound to have some accidents, but with time, they will get the idea. When accidents occur, show it to them, take them to the door and tell them they are going out to pee. Then, place the puppy outdoors where you want them to go for the toilet.

Walk it Out:

Speaking of playing and walking, this exercise will help to move their food down and out of their system. It is quite possible that your dog will have bowel movements and will pee at this time too. Again, be sure to praise your sweet terrier, each and every time they evacuate outdoors.

What We Think About Toilet Pads:

I am not a fan of using toilet pads inside the house because, they are apt to perceive that every little piece of newspaper or towel, or book that is on the floor is his personal place for the toilet. You will become quite frustrated and sick of cleaning up these messes in the house and your pup is apt to make more messes all over your home.

So, determine which words you will be using for each activity and use the appropriate word, each time, for each activity.

It’s A Bonding Experience:

American Staffordshire Terrier - NortonThis is all about bonding and cementing your relationship with your terrier, and once you open a good line of communication, you will both be able to more thoroughly enjoy each other. Keep your sense of humor and allow your terrier pup to love their life with you, and enjoy each and every day – they grow up quickly.

Take lots of pictures of your terrier. I am so glad we took many pictures of my terrier dogs when they were pups. We can laugh at their antics and for those that have passed on, we can remember how much fun we had and how much we loved them.

Hopefully, these few simple tips will help you greatly when potty training your terrier dog.


Training a Terrier Dog

by Ingrid Turner on April 22, 2015

Bless their little hearts, terriers are very bright and they long for praise from their humans, but as their adoptive parents, we need to devote the necessary time that is required to communicate our commands to them.

Pit Bull Terrier smiling - terrierlover.comIt gives us pleasure to give our terriers treats as a reward for obedience, but it is not always effective. I would recommend rewarding with treats during the practice period and then, slowly omit the rewards, a bit at a time.

In this way, the terrier will be obedient without the expectation that they will be rewarded every time they are given a command. Besides, you won’t always have a treat on hand.

When you give generous praise every time you are obeyed, your terrier is just as apt to obey without a treat, because they can see that you are pleased with their performance, and this makes them happy too.

Expect that it will take time, and lots of it, to train your terrier. They can be willful and distracted. Try to train him early in the day, not after a day of playing outside and walking, etc. It can be a challenge, but well worth the reward of having an obedient, little friend.

With their high energy, terriers very much enjoy play – chasing, catching things, running, etc. When you spend sufficient time playing with your terrier, they will be more likely to open to listen to your commands.

To begin with, try to teach them the necessary commands that will make their lives and your life easier and more pleasurable. For example:

  • puppy sitting - terrierlover.comsit
  • down
  • off
  • stay
  • pee or outside
  • come
  • sleep time

Using one word commands are easy for them to remember and helps eliminate confusion. Using the same commands every time you or others in your household request their obedience is key. For example: Don’t say sit down, get off, go outside, do you want to go for a walk, etc. Use ONE word commands!

You can decide which command word you want to use, just be sure you use the same commands every time.

After your terrier has learned and mastered one command, then go on to another command, etc. Do not expect that you will be able to teach them a number of commands on the same day. It takes consistency and time to realistically teach a dog what you expect of them.

Make sure not to forget to give them a treat during the initial exposure to a command, along with plenty of praise, head rubbing and telling them they are doing a good job. Here’s an example:

  • Your terrier has mastered the “sit” command. Each time he sits for you, tell him, “Good Sit!” or “Good Off!” or “Good Pee!”, etc. This way they are confident that they have done the command correctly and you are happy.

border terrier agilityAfter your terrier has mastered the necessary commands, it is time to learn fun things like roll over, bring toy. You can even teach them to speak to you and believe me, our little schnauzer says, “Mama,” and it is pretty close when she really tries, and oh-so adorable.

There is no room for spanking, hitting or yelling during training. If you do these things, your terrier will be stubborn and is apt to cower when you give commands. Neither the dog or you will benefit from such methods.

Next time, I will speak about toilet training your terrier.


Why Terriers are Wonderful Pets

by Ingrid Turner on April 21, 2015

Terriers make really wonderful pets, as they are loyal, loving and adapt well to most any situation.

Welsh Terrier on the beachMost terriers, as a breed, were bred to enthusiastically and energetically hunt and ferret-out vermin.

They are quick and make short work of chasing and catching mice, rats, etc., and do not hesitate to go after pests that hide in their underground tunnels and stone piles.

Terriers are a great asset when it comes to pest control goes. Their strong legs and muscles allow them to dig into the ground to catch pests. Hunters especially lean toward terrier type dogs when rabbit hunting or when hunting fast moving, small animals.

Many terriers have wiry coats, which almost seem to repel dirt and these coats should be groomed by plucking the hair rather than cutting or shaving.

As useful as they are for hunting and enjoying rough play, they make wonderful house pets too and in my experience, they usually choose one person in the household to whom they are especially devoted. They are friendly to all family members, but generally will follow one special person around the house.

In general, terriers are great with children, and often become their protectors, as well as their faithful companions.

Rough-Coated Jack Russell TerrierTo me, it seems like they can read the mood of their favorite humans, can tell when one is ill or sad, and will actually express concern when their master or mistress cries or is unhappy.

In my opinion, you can never go wrong in choosing a terrier for a companion, who will make you smile every day. It is so much fun just to watch them play with their toys and frolic around the yard.

Since some of the terriers are very high energy, it is best to check out the particular terrier breed and choose the one that best suits your personality and life style.

All in all, terriers make for wonderful pets, whether you live in the city or the country, in an apartment or suburb, and they adapt tremendously well to what life serves up.


The Unconditional Love of Terriers

by Ingrid Turner on April 19, 2015

As far as I am concerned, once you have fallen in love with a terrier dog, you will forever be drawn to terriers and terrier crossbreeds.

Mom & Precious Miniature Schnauzer - terrierlover.comTerriers have those bright eyes, perky ears and a delightful & playful spirit, full of love and devotion, which just seems to capture your heart.

Over the years, I have been blessed to have shared my home and life with several terriers and there would be something wonderful missing if I couldn’t hear those tapping feet prancing across my floors, and up and down the stairs, following me throughout the house and napping on my chairs and sofas. I just feel complete when I see a couple of happy furry little children resting nearby while I watch TV, crochet or read.

Mom with Knosey - terrierlover.comWhen I was ill and full of pain, while recovering from cancer treatments, my little mini schnauzers would cuddle with me, hardly ever leaving my side. My baby mini schnauzer would accompany me to my chemo treatments, keeping my anxiety and discomfort in check. She would snuggle on my hospital bed, under the sheets with her bone, and never a peep from her as she was perfectly content just to be near me.

When my husband was dying from cancer, our terriers would do the same for him and after his death, many months went by where I would offer them the comfort of sleeping on my bed, on his bathrobe since they were missing him, especially in the evening when he enjoyed sharing his ice cream with them.

I enjoy my human family very much, but without my terriers, I would really be missing their unconditional love. They don’t care if I am having a bad day, if I am sick, my hair is messy or I haven’t yet brushed my teeth yet.

Those dear, little souls just want to be near me and share my life and ask for only my love in return.