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Heard About Hurley? – A Petco Grooming Horror Story

by admin on April 21, 2008

Terrier Newsflash:

I “stumbled upon” this story a few weeks ago, and it has bothered me since I read it…I just had to post about it!

hurleyyorkiepetco.JPGBasically, the short version of the story is that a family brought their Yorkshire Terrier – Shih Tzu cross, who was about 4 months old, in to a Petco in Los Gatos, California to be groomed on March 22nd, 2008.

Just 8 hours later, Hurley was dead.

4 hours after dropping Hurley off for grooming, his parents came to pick him up, and Hurley was panting and breathing with some difficulty…but employees ensured them that everything went fine…

Being only 4 months old, Hurley’s parents suspected that Hurley was just a little stressed out from the new surroundings.

2 hours later, his breathing was even more taxed and he started to cough up blood. Yikes!

Immediately, Hurley was rushed to their local animal emergency hospital, where vets worked quickly and laboriously on the dog, whose heart stopped and was resuscitated twice. His lungs were filling up with fluid and he was literally drowning to death.

His loving family had to make that heart-wrenching decision to euthanize Hurley so that he did not have to suffer any more.

Needless to say, THEY WANT ANSWERS!

The 2 emergency room vets concluded that Hurley’s death was due to strangulation…Strange for a healthy dog that had the regular check-ups and all vaccinations on the schedule, passing with flying colors.

Hurley’s regular veterinarian suspects that there was cruelty and/or negligence on Petco’s part and even filed a complaint report with Animal Control, which Hurley’s parents also did to the Los Gatos Police Department.

The thing is, Petco has, in their possession, a tape of what happened in their grooming facilities, which neither Petco, nor their insurance company, will show or comment on regarding the injury that occurred that day. However, they are willing, even without a request, to pay for any and all emergency vet bills. Strange, you may say…

As Hurley’s parents searched for answers, they also uncovered a long history of documented complaints and cases against Petco for animal injuries, abuse, neglect and suffering…

To see more about these animal complaints against Petco, and more about Hurley’s cause, check out the post @:


What Could You Do To Protect Your Pet?

1. Make sure you take your pet to be groomed at a reputable groomer, for which you have received a referral from someone you know.

2. At many Petcos or Petceteras, etc, they usually have a viewing window, through which you can observe everything going on with your precious pet. People are less likely to be careless while being watched…If you have the time, I suggest this is a great option.

3. Learn how to groom your own pet at home…Not only will this save you $$$ over the long run, but it will create a bond between you and your pet. Also, you’ll only get better at it over time.

* Many terriers are groomed very similarly, and I recently posted about How to Groom a Welsh Terrier step-by-step…Check it out here:

How To Groom Your Welsh Terrier

** If you have any other suggestions or experiences you would like to share on this subject, PLEASE feel free to comment in the Comment Box below!


I hope you found this post informational on Terrier Lover! Until next time…

Love Your Terrier,

Kimberly Edwards :)

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